rant street crazy

daylight robbery,

that’s what they done to me

and daylight isn’t all they took,

they steal the words right out of my mouth,

the thoughts right out of my head.

they keep on telling me i’ll be free

only when i give up my liberty.

they want to take the breath from my body,

the sound from my ear, they interfere!

they even want to change the brain waves in my brain

and keep drumming in again and again

jingle, jingle, that old refrain,

that i never need think for myself again

till i still look just the same,

but i may really be one of them so watch out..

they keep on telling me how lucky i am

as they take the water from the palm of my hand

sweeten poison colour and put it in a can

and sell that water back to me

that water which used to flow free.

that water which used to flow free.

that water which used to flow free.

they take the ground from under my feet,

put a fence around it and shut me out;

they try to steal my heart,

say i’m better off without it,

say i won’t even feel it

say i never need feel a thing again –

say if i don’t shut it they’ll crush it,

tell me there is no redress,

this is progress!

we better wake up before too late

or the daylight robbers will get the lot.

they get their lawyers to keep us from suing them,

and the crimes they commit they keep on doing them,

and try to get us to sing along with them.

they’re changing the climate with our assistance

eating up the world with too little resistance.

you wait till the day dawns

when they sell you back to yourself

but new and improved, and you buy that one.

first they take away memory

and then they rewrite history,

first they take away memory

and then they rewrite history….

just you forget, don’t you fret,

just plug yourself in

switch yourself on

who needs memory

when you must consume to be,

when to consume is to be free?

they want our compliance

not our defiance,

and if we don’t shut ourselves up,

they’ll do it for us,

take special powers to keep us quiet;

now any spontaneity they call a riot –

sh, just keep watching the war on tv,

the war they say they’re fighting for you and me;

so long as there’s a war they’re happy

quick quick find an enemy,

get those weapons ready.

wake up, wise up, read between the lines;

when they say you’re out of your mind

be sure you’re getting near the truth;

use your madness as your sleuth;

what we got to practice is resistance

in that resistance we need persistence

for that persistence we need resistance –

resistance, persistence, persistence, resistance.

rise up, find your place,

rise up, take your space,

rise up, sing your song,

give what you are, know you belong,

take only what you need and sing that song,

sing, sing, sing that song.