celebrate the night

i come with tales

of beautiful night, hearing, not seeing –

feeling the nearness of unseen creatures,

footsteps in the leaves … an owl calls,

a tree creaks in the dark, foxes bark,

a cobweb brushes your face.

to walk in the dark unseen to yourself,

everything’s changed, all you know turns strange,

a time of magic, flames flicker on faces

you thought familiar, streets transform.

there’s dancing somewhere – in the sky?

under the earth? all around invisible dancers

whirl to the music of night.

become one with the dark,

dance with darkness and candle flames,

love shadows, melt into them, this is the wild …

and the stars, the stars, they are the ones

we return to – the bear and the chair,

the warrior’s dream sword, cloudy with galaxies,

the wandering planets and their circling moons,

turbulent, collapsing suns

and the star-spattered outflung arm of this galaxy

reaching back into time, back to the source,

and on to new beginnings.

For ‘celebrate the night’ 19th November, Knighton, Powys, Wales